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SMS Business Channel Partner

Benefits for a Channel Partner

Global Reach:
ü  Become part of 5500 billion SMS business
ü  Support messaging globally.
High ROI on Low Investments:
ü  Sell MVAS products at your own rate and make higher profits.
ü  Technical knowledge and hiring of development resources is not required.

ü  ACL’s strong business relationship with  telecom operators ensures seamless service experience

Wide range of Product offerings:
ü  Get exclusive selling rights to wide range of products.

ü  Products like 2-Way messaging, S.C.R.E.A.M, Condition based messaging at your access. Marketing Support:
ü  Promotional Activities for specified Territory

ü  Feeding with Leads as generated via ATL Activity

Hassle Free Operations:
ü  Send SMS from a web based easy to use white label panel
ü  Get access to all product manuals and sales training presentations
ü  Easy SMS API

ü  No technical fuss to channel partners, 24×7 support provided

  Business Model

Fully prepaid

·         Channel Partners will pay ACL Mobile Ltd. Annual license fee as defined by ACL Mobile Ltd.

·         Channel partner will receive marketing benefits in terms of ATL promotional activities and lead generation as per agreed terms

·         Channel Partners will pay us to buy the messages and products for the duration of the licence in bulk at a wholesale price, and then resell it at their own desired price

·         Channel Partners will have exclusivity to a territory defined by us and no other channel partner licence holder and ACL Mobile shall/will sell MVAS products in the territory agreed

·         Channel partner will receive pricing benefits for BULK SMS and other MVAS products

·         Channel partner will receive complete online technical support in terms of product deployment and Message delivery

·         Channel partner will receive benefits of Sales planning and Product training in regards to sales support

Pre-requisites for a Channel Partner

·         Should have a registered company operating under his/her name with the registration certificate under the governing laws of the territory specified

·         Should have a defined sales force

·         A channel partner should not be in agreement with any other MVAS or any other similar product line organisation

·         A channel partner has to commit a minimum messaging traffic of 0.5 million for first quarter to begin with

Product Overview


ü  Global Messaging
ü  Message Scheduling
ü  Creation of Sender Id on a fly. Unlimited sender id supported
ü  Multilanguage messaging

 ü  Send Long messages, WAP messages, Business cards, and Flash messages, SMS Greetings
ü  Monitor all your transactions

S.C.R.E.A.M (Service creation and Management Platform)

ü  User Friendly interface for multiple short codes and long codes
ü  Keyword management, Campaign management
ü  Run contests, polls through SMS
ü  Multilanguage Support

 ü  Connect to third party applications and map them against different keywords
ü  Work hand in hand with media


ü Create/Modify Alerts
ü Assign Queries
ü Assign Templates
ü Add new database connections
ü Manage Frequency of each Alert
 ü  Ensure prompt message delivery with minimal failure


ü Create/Modify Groups and add DELs to     groups
ü  Send messages without configuring the   messages templates
ü  Send messages using any handset
ü  Bypass NDNC/DND filtration 24*7*365 and send alert messages

 ü  Fast and efficient real time alert management
ü  Increase in productivity and efficiency

                                            Commercial Proposal

ACL offers following commercials for Channel Partner, Region/Territory <define territory>

Fee Module Quantity Price(EURO)
Annual Licence fee N/A € 3000
Bulk SMS purchase <enter country or global termination if specified> <as per defined agreement> <as per defined agreement>
MVAS product(s) <input product name> <enter deployment quantity if procured by channel partner> <enter price of the product >

For more details  visit our website : and mail
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012Bulk SMS SHORT CODE PRICING Offers by

Mnatives Shared Short Code (Key Words)

Short Code Keyword Set Up Fee Annual Charges
(Per Keyword)
56767 Available Keywords 100 Euros 250 Euros

XYZ SHORT CODE with Suffixes (Unlimited Keywords)

Short Code Keyword Set Up Fee Monthly Maintenance 
With 2 Suffixes
56767XX Unlimited 300 Euros Euros 175 

With 3 Suffixes
56767XXX Unlimited 200 Euros 125 Euros 

Additional Keywords can be purchased in batches of 5 keywords by making a one month advance payment. Monthly Maintenance and Keywords will be invoiced monthly with 15 days payment term.

One time Setup Fees: Rs.150 Euros
Monthly Maintenance: 150 Euros (Response via Push SMS pipe)

FOR SMS Termination

Option 1: Alert Route: This route is divided into 3 Routes with full features, real time DLRs with time stamp.
·       Normal Route: 0.0007 EUR
·       Premium Route: 0.0009 EUR
·       High Priority Route: 0.002 EUR

* Since this will be an Alert Route, Prior Approval of the Templates will be required.
* Turn Around Time for Template Approval: 8 working hours (24 hours during weekends).

Ø Template Sample:
·       Below are the sample templates which will be provided by the customer:
·       Sender name will be required against each template within 6 Characters only.

Option 2: Promotional Route
·       Campaigns: 0.005 EUR

* Fixed Numeric Sender IDs only (Operator Approved)

For More details visit our website  or mail to skype: acl_int

ACL Mobile Ltd. Offers

ACL Mobile Offers : Get Benefited by our Bulk SMS Service An effective and smart way to spread your business.

• Get Pre registered Sender ID route for Saudi Arab and UAE @ 0.014 euro contact for details

• Now Mnatives is offering Dynamic Sender Id for Germany @0.0040 EURO only

• This Christmas and New year promote your event with us, Purchase bulk SMS for US @0.006 Euro only

For more details visit our website : or contact @ or skype : acl_int

Bulk SMS Service by Mnatives

1)Now get Bulk SMS termination to Spain only at 0.022 euro per SMS

2)Attractive Price for Nigeria

Quantity Price Per SMS
Upto 50,000 SMS 0.0075 euro
1.50 Naira

50,000 to 99,999 0.0065 Euro
1.30 Naira

1,00,000 SMS 0.005 euro
1 Naira

Contact at Mob. – +91 9818269777 | Ph. – +91.120.4069400 (Extn: 276) | Skype – acl_int
Website: | |

Register for a 30 Day Free Trial to Send SMS Anywhere worldwide!!!

Welcome to mNatives Bulk SMS Services providers!!!
Register to get your Trial Account Now! Start Send SMS With Us. Immediately activated, 15 free credits, No obligation
To Register Free Trail Account visit here:
To Purchase Any SMS Credit or plan visit here :
If you have any questions during your trial period, contact our support department for technical tips and help on +91-1204069400 or e-mail us on

Mnatives SPADE, ACL’s subscription solution providers

SPADE permits service suppliers to launch revenue enhancing content subscription services for his or her subscribers. Its state-of-the-art options like client Profiling, Micro Charging, Dynamic CRM, plug & Play content integration permits carriers to extend VAS ARPU like seldom before.

WHY does one want SPADE

1. Web-based access, to allow for easy management
2. versatile interface, that permits for creating a service, mapping the service to completely different operators & scheduling the delivery of content.
3. Real-time, web-based reporting and trends analysis
4. allow subscription through multiple channels SMS, WAP or VOICE.
5. SPADE has options like :
• User Management
• Service Creation
• Mapping and renewal Content Delivery
• Subscription
• Reports


• Flexible and scalable interface, that permits for frequency and timing of knowledge distribution for national additionally as International delivery of knowledge.
• Subscriber is provided real time data.
• Messages is scheduled on daily or weekly or monthly basic, Frequency of message push also can be set.


• Cost effective thanks to each increase your revenue and supply your customers with distinctive content or data.
• Message on demand (Pull) and subscriber services (regular push) the 2 most lucrative types of mobile service and these is simply managed using the online Interface..
• Flexible interface programming that permits the subscribers to simply opt in and out of services, conforming with trade codes of conduct.
• SMS Subscription provides you a robust database of shoppers who have consented to getting selling data..
• Apart from charging them for content delivery, this allows cross-selling to a exactly targeted client cluster..
• 24×7 client support with real-time comprehensive reporting and trend analysis.

To know more details please visit or contact us:

ACL Mobile Limited
Unit # 4701, 7th Floor, Tower # 4
Express Trade Tower 2, Plot No.-36
Block-B, Sector-132
Noida – 201 301, India
Tel : +91 120 6139000, 6139393
Fax : +91 120 6139100

Mnatives IntelliALERT Launched Services

IntelliALERT permits an enterprise to send alert notifications to the subscribers. It connects to the any database & works on the principles that are being predefined by the organization. With this, refined rules are often established for conditions or occurrences that the notification is critical & the tactic frequently checks these rules to assess whether or not it have to be compelled to trigger an alert. The IntelliAlert technique could be a comprehensive messaging ecosystem that produces use of multiple platforms & networks to deliver & intrusively show important messages, initial to ancient paging devices & then to alternative wireless devices.

• Advanced template based mostly push application with event-triggered workflow, real-time updates and comprehensive scalability.
• Multiple databases handling that helps the enterprise to question completely different databases and send real time alerts as per the logic set.
• Alerts are often scheduled as per the wants. Frequency of the alerts also can be configured.

• Initialize Application: Automatically produce all the Databases and tables needed by our application and hence avoiding any the Manual intervention
• Manage Templates: Helps users to Create/modify completely different alerts to be related to any explicit alert
• Manage Alerts: Helps within the creation/modification of an alert, its template and therefore the question from that the template should be created. It additionally takes care of the database that should be used with that alert. It additionally takes care of the mapping of every price.
• Manage Database Connections: Addition/Modification of databases related to the alerts. ORACLE, MYSQL, ACCESS. DB2. DB2-7, MSSQL are supported by intellialert.
• Alert Scheduling: Schedule real-time, daily, weekly and monthly alerts.
• Delivery Reports: This module can facilitate the enterprise to induce the entire details of the push alerts sent. Our DLR module of the appliance can run at the background and can frequently update the database with the delivery standing of the alerts.

To know more details please visit or contact us:

ACL Mobile Limited
Unit # 4701, 7th Floor, Tower # 4
Express Trade Tower 2, Plot No.-36
Block-B, Sector-132
Noida – 201 301, India
Tel : +91 120 6139000, 6139393
Fax : +91 120 6139100

Mnatives Axiom launched Voice Messaging Services

Every business desires to Grow their sales and that they are continuously seeking for brand spanking new ways that of selling. Axiom has launched voice broadcasting services as a solution to their wants. Voice broadcasting will tremendously increase your productivity by providing you with the flexibility to succeed in lots of, thousands, or maybe uncountable folks instantly, with ONE perfectly-recorded voice broadcasting message. Our voice broadcast systems will send phone messages and announcements to your purchasers and community. Phone messages are often laptop generated from your systems or sites and delivered to your is your selling partner for all of your voice broadcasting wants. 0ur voice broadcast method will place decision or uncountable calls. A Pre-recorded message are often played to either a personal answering the phone or to an answering machine. Messages are often primarily a warning to people informing them of emergency alerts, community events, upcoming appointments, or primarily advertisements.


• Administration, that provides Service supplier management – Enable/ Disable a Connectivity, Load Distribution, Barring of submission based mostly on Service supplier moreover as Operator/circle for a specific service supplier and DND implementation.
• Intelligent Routing for Load balancing, capability Allocation, Submission management for economical and most throughput and different Routing in case of failures.
• Buffer Scheduling and Delivery Report handling.
• Monitoring Service supplier performance over a time-frame, Connectivity potency, Delivery performance, Real Time Counters and Downtime report.


• Incoming message support for XML, Binary Message content, Regional Messages
• High throughput (25000 to 30000 messages/ minute).
• Message Categorization for Promotional, Real Time Transactions, Priority routing based mostly on class, National / International (with time zone support) messaging.
• Supports multiple connectivity per service supplier. Connects through universally accepted protocols : HTTP / HTTPS / SMPP3.4 / CIMD2.0.
• Highly scalable platform with Input Modulations of Alert acceptance and Distributed part.
• Secure Platform with HTTPS/SSH/SFTP, Password authentication and Audit path.

To know more details please visit or contact us:
ACL Mobile Limited
Unit # 4701, 7th Floor, Tower # 4
Express Trade Tower 2, Plot No.-36
Block-B, Sector-132
Noida – 201 301, India
Tel : +91 120 6139000, 6139393
Fax : +91 120 6139100